Our Mission: Promote the growth of the game of lacrosse throughout Massachusetts by providing leadership, guidance, training and structure.

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BYL Mission, Philosophy & Goal:

Our Mission:  Promote the growth of the game of lacrosse by providingleadership, guidance, training and structure to all interested in participating.

Our Philosophy: All players participate equally (i.e.  equal playing time) on every team in all game & league contests; and all town programs who have more than one team at ANY age level (U15, U13, U11 & U9) will use their best effort--based on the honor system--to ensure their teams are as evenly balanced as possible at every age level based on player skill, experience, age and grade at each respective age group.  There are NO 'A' & 'B' teams & NO 'stacked' teams at any level. NO standings are kept and NO playoffs or league championships are held.  BYL provides a safe, enjoyable, learning experience for all participants; and in an environment not swept up in the pressure filled, win-at-all-cost mania that is too present in today's youth sports.

Our Goal:  All players, coaches, teams & programs reflect role-model sportsmanship behavior on and off the field while learning & teaching the fundamental skills and teamwork required to play the game of lacrosse well.  BYL provides training, guidance, and age-specific rules of play for all participating coaches with a particular focus on ensuring player safety and a positive, fun-filled experience for all involved.  BYL programs will continue to grow in lacrosse knowledge and capabilities as they learn the game based on speed, stick skills, athleticism and overall teamwork--and not physical intimidation.

-BYL Board of Directors